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Looking for a great clock app? MyDay&Clock is a simple, large and easy to read clock that clearly displays the full day of the week, month, date and part of the day in large letters, without confusing abbreviations. MyDay&Clock is great for seniors! MyDay&Clock provides structure, routine and focus for people faced with memory loss, Dementia or Alzheimer’s, who often lose the ability to recognize what day it is. MyDay&Clock has a clear and large display that helps reduce anxiety about the time of day and ease the worry of missing an appointment, mealtime, birthday, a favorite TV program, or any other event. Add comforting photos to the display or add calendar events from personal, family or shared calendars in the Calendar App. Displayed on an iPad with a stand, MyDay&Clock is invaluable for the visually impaired or anyone who wants to easily see the time/day/day of week or calendar events for the day. It also works on an iPhone!

Customizations include:

Display Calendar Events — choose from a list of the Calendars you have set up in the Calendar App. Choose the number of events to show, Small/Medium/Large type or, as a reminder have MyDay&Clock flash upcoming events. Use "Shared" Calendars to be able to add/remove/edit Events remotely.

Give a calendar the name "Reminders" and these entries will be displayed without times. For example, a Reminder with a Start Time of 10:00 AM and End Time of 10:30 AM could say "Did you take your morning pill?". It would only display during the set time. An "All Day" Reminder could say "Tomorrow is Sue's Birthday", and would be displayed all day. Name a Calendar "Birthdays and Holidays" to add your own special "All Day" events to be displayed.

Display Photos — MyDay&Clock gives you the ability to display photos from Albums you have set up on your iPad or iPhone. Choose an Album or Albums to display and the amount of time you want each photo to display.

Auto-Dimming On/Off — the display automatically dims at 7:00PM and brightens at 6:00AM. Auto-dimming settings from "Light" to "Very Dark" are available as well as turning Auto-dimming Off/On/Always On.

Personal Greeting On/Off — an on/off setting is available as well as the ability to add a name to the message. Making the display more personal and comforting is easy by adding a name to the "Good Morning", "Good Evening", "Good Afternoon" and "Good Night" message. Parts of the day begin at: Morning 4:00AM, Afternoon 12:00Noon, Evening 5:00PM, and Night 10:00PM.

Protection from accidental changes — changing the MyDay&Clock settings can be set to require a double-tap on the "Settings" button, keeping users from inadvertently making changes or getting confused.

Power "Not Connected" Indicator — we recommend that your device be connected to power while MyDay&Clock is in use. An indicator is displayed if the device is not connected to power.

Time Formats — MyDay&Clock supports AM/PM and 24-hour time display.

Privacy — MyDay&Clock does not collect any user data or display ads.